Moreni, small town thinking BIG

Although Moreni can be considered a common small town, I have heard people calling it “Rio de Moreni” or “Moreni City” as a joke; but this made me think about the history of Moreni and I can tell you it wasn’t always the anonymous town it is today. Moreni was a landmark in the petrol and war machinery industry and it is also known for the weird accident that happened in 1926 when an oil field exploded and burnt for a total of 850 days. The locals called it “the eternal fire” and it was a unique phenomenon throughout the world.

Since then, we have been struggling to put an end to another urging problem: the chaotic breeding of the stray dogs on the streets and also the bad habit of irresponsible owners who abandon the unwanted puppies. This is not only a problem for us, humans ( people have started to really have enough and are taking matters into their own hands, mostly using violence against them) but also for the animals who live a short and miserable life being born unwanted.

Stray dogs looking for food outside a petshop in the local market

Romania Animal Rescue run by Nancy Janes (an American who can’t forget about Romania’s animals) and a wonderful team of Romanian veterinarians have stepped in to help us (“Câinele meu” Organization, the local animal welfare NGO) solve these problems. They have answered our plea immediately and have been coming back to help us since May 2011.

Two years later, they have managed to spay or neuter a total of 548 animals (both strays and owned dogs) and we are still asking for their generous services. 2013 is the year when more and more dog owners understand the importance of sterilizing their animals and we have to book them in advance. The owners are surprised to see their animals recover so fast and are pleased with the results. A lot of them couldn’t afford to spay or neuter their animals and these campaigns come as a miracle, solving their never-ending problem: how to put a stop to their animals’ breeding, how to prevent them from getting hurt in the process and what to do with the unwanted puppies year after year? This year we want to focus on helping more and more owners to spay or neuter their animals, as it is in their yards where the problem starts in the first place.

RAR's  veterinary team in Moreni

The most recent RAR spay/neuter campaign in Moreni saved 72 animals from a life of suffering and hundreds of unborn puppies were spared from sharing their parents’ drama. Every time this wonderful team comes back to Moreni we feel as if a beloved member of our family is back with us and through them we feel closer to everyone who donates to Romania Animal Rescue. There is never “too little” or “too much” when involved in animal welfare; we each have our part, but getting involved in this noble fight is the reward itself. 

This tatto shows this dog is spayed not only with excellent medical skills, but also with LOVE


  1. Thank you, I enjoyed reading the above post. Spay/neuter of dogs is very important and thank you for continuing this work.

  2. Thank you for your interest! We have a lot of work to do in Romania and it is high time we do it properly!