Desperate appeal for spay/neuter from Odobesti

Odobesti is a small town in Eastern Romania with a population of about 9000 people, lots of stray dogs, one rescuer and no proper veterinarian clinic that can help with the numerous car accidents or other health issue a stray animal might have. Most of the people see the dogs as vermin or dangerous animals, a real threat for their children and they just want them off the street. The authorities don’t seem to have any coherent and humane plan to sort out this problem, so the dogs are left to the mercy of the public.
The rescuer that is asking for our help finds herself forced to stand alone in the face of all this suffering with no alternative than to post appeals on the internet and hope for some deliverance; her tone is beyond desperate, as she feels helpless and overwhelmed with all the stray dogs needing her help. Hundreds of adults and puppies roaming  the streets, looking for food and a warm, safe place and never finding it, end up sick, or badly injured or poisoned and all this at the end of a life full of suffering and frustration. Because she loves dogs and cats very much, this is very painful for her; for any compassionate human being all this drama would be heartbreaking to witness.
Over the years, after she struggled to help as much as she could, she realized the solution is mass spay/neuter events for the people and for the street animals.  She hasn’t yet lost her faith in the goodness of people and hopes they will choose to act humanely and do the right thing for their pets, if given the chance. She knows she can never help all the stray animals that need her, but at least there won’t be hundreds of unwanted puppies/kittens sharing the same fate. 

The first (and only) time we went to Odobesti, the people were waiting for us impatiently with big smiles on their faces.  I was very impressed to see a few of the patients of a Mentally Challenged Sanatorium coming with their pets for a free spay and a very poor woman who paid for a taxi to bring her and her 5 dogs to the event. This shows that there is hope for Odobesti provided they are helped with the expenses and the help of a high skilled medical team to which they can trust their pets to.
Please support our Odobesti mission of helping 100 animals with free spay/neuter this Spring! With your loving support we can provide the best care for their animals and the guarantee they will never give birth to an unwanted puppies/kittens again.
If you wish to support this mission, please join our group on Facebook and find out how to do so: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1013343045373025/?__mref=message_bubble
  Thank you!

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